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Alex Leone

I'm currently a Senior at the University of Washington in Seattle, graduating June 2011 with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. I do a lot of programming and electronics, and tend find myself involved a lot of cool projects.

Email: acleone [at]

Resume (2010-10-27)   LaTeX source


Self-Organizing Systems Group   [Winter 2008 - Present]
Robotic Self-Assembly, Synthetic Biology.
Building a turbidostat for directed evolution.
See "Directed Evolution in Synthetic Biology" in eeK 2009

My Open-Source Projects

Epp - The Everything Preprocessor
Pre-processor/templating system with Python-like indentation.
The Arduino Tlc5940 Library
An Arduino Library for the Texas Instruments TLC5940 LED pwm driver.


Yahoo University Hack Day
  • 1st place for Katamari Hack, with David Nufer and David Truong. (Hat trick - three years in a row! I guess we better graudate and give somebody else a chance)
  • 1st place for Regex Battle, with David Nufer, David Truong, and Alex Horton
  • 1st place for PacHac - Team "* {text-decoration: blink}" with David Nufer and David Truong
Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)
Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge
  • 2nd place at UW. We solved the meta puzzle - woot! With David Nufer, Jasper Taylor, and David Truong
  • With David Nufer, Jasper Taylor, and David Truong
  • Team "3O3 + 3" with David Nufer, Jasper Taylor, and David Truong
UW ACM Programming Contest
  • With David Nufer and Chris Raastad
  • With David Nufer and Alex Horton
  • Team "Can We Have Some Cupcakes" with Justin Harding and David Nufer